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Email Marketing

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There are three main aspects that you need to consider in email marketing: content, design, and service platform. They all work in conjunction to get the highest success rate whether it is for your promotion, campaign, or simply informative letter.

The Choice of Email Direct Marketing (EDM)

The reason to choose this strategy is because it serves as an efficient medium for communication when dealing with a large list of emails. The marketing message can be sent out as one-off or with a time stamp.


Each part of information carries different importance, so we will make sure that the message comes across both visually and content wise. As we carefully create and pick the design, the result is fresh, yet familiar to your company’s brand and voice.


As you send out numerous emails you would also benefit from understanding who has interest in your company. By looking at specific details, such as who clicked on a link that indicated to read further about your new product, enables you to improve and better serve your clients and also measure ROI.