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Corporate Identity

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Corporate identity branding process starts off with the initial idea and thoughts, followed by the creation of your logo, brand name, packaging, messaging. Once finalised, the brand is ready for a successful launch.

Project Structure and Research

Every brand has a story which reflects the people behind it. For this we will focus on understanding your (and your customers) needs. This enables us to form your ideas with our expertise, delivering you a proposal with detailed overlook of the plan.

Vision, Goals & Brand Personality

After qualitative and quantitative methodologies we will learn the roots of your company. This connects us to your heritage, or simply to your future aspirations. Knowing your values and beliefs we can form a personality that best caters for the audience.

The Logo

Our designers will begin by sketching out dozens of iterations on paper. This unlocks new directions to explore and find the best solution for your brand. After a careful selection we will start iterating them digitally.

The Identity System

The identity system follows the logo completion, which creates the identity systematic visual language around the logo. Design thinking of the logo will create complementary elements that are part of the whole family, providing flexible and useful material for design marketing and business collateral.

Style Guidelines

For a cohesive look and voice of your marketing materials and design collateral we prescribe logo usage rules, typeface system, color palette, layout guidelines, and more. These are core to the identity and we will ensure a remarkable and enduring brand.

Monitoring and Rebranding

Regardless of time, when there is a shift in your target audience, the market evolves, or your brand’s products and services change, there may be a time for a rebrand. In order to stay on top of the game we will monitor and care for your brand.