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HKAHF Mini HOPE Campaign Marketing

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Work In Progress

HKAHF was established in 1999 with the aim of providing timely medical treatment to the sick and underprivileged in Hong Kong, mainland China and Asia.
HKAHF’s Charity Outreach Programs were set up to support financially disadvantaged patients from around the region. Our mission is to assist and support those people whose quality of life could be dramatically improved by medical treatment, yet lack the financial capacity to even consider seeking proper help.
Through the Outreach Programs, we have been able to contribute to the society and have helped to restoring joy and happiness to families that have been plagued by ongoing suffering, pain, and uncertainty.

BUD ON CREATION is very grateful to be HKAHF’s partner in all things digital and even more excited because its all for a great cause! From branding to website building and graphic design to social media – it’s all apart of HKAHF’s marketing and we strive to raise awareness for HKAHF and all their efforts in charity.

One of the campaigns we helped worked on is the Mini HOPE bracelet campaign.




The money raised through this initiative will contribute to both children and adults suffering from cancer.

Designed by Hong Kong based jewellery designer, House of Kamal – Janne Poulsen, the bracelet combines a fuchsia pink tie, representing the Foundation’s colour of choice, and a simple solid silver charm with the word “HOPE” engraved.

Mini HOPE bracelet made with Italian sterling silver in 3 mm donut shaped beads, strung on various fun colour strings like purple, light blue, orange, green and pink with a 13 mm HOPE charm.

The bracelet is finished with a Chinese knotting clasp and small silver beads at the ends.



Purchase yours now at the HKAHF ONLINE SHOP