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Bud On Creation | SCAD

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Behind The Scenes

We’re super excited to announce the addition of two new recruits to the Bud On Creation team! Please welcome Michelle Hagino and Aneeza Arshad — our fresh new designers — both of whom have just graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD HK).
SCAD offered our agency the opportunity to meet with some of the brightest young talent to emerge from the best art and design school in Hong Kong and we took it! This couldn’t have been possible without the chance to meet the students in person at SCAD’s Interview Day held earlier this year. We feel privileged to have had the chance to be introduced to such a pool of great talent and see the potential for collaborations with SCAD not only now but also in the future.
Michelle Hagino is a Hong Kong born Japanese designer who is passionate about aesthetics and concepts in branding and typography. She graduated in June 2015 and has now joined our team as a graphic designer. With a background knowledge in print and digital design, Michelle will be bringing influential and alternative design approaches to the table while working closely with our creative team.


“At SCAD, we have always been trained to work collaboratively not only with our peers but also with professionals in the industry. The opportunity to work for Bud On Creation, a small creative agency, couldn’t be a more perfect environment to be working in.”
Next up, we have Aneeza Arshad. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Japan, Aneeza is a Pakistani designer and photographer who graduated with a B.F.A in Advertising and a Minor in Photography.
“Being in Asia’s hub, there are always creative opportunities, and pairing this with such a tight-knit agency is exactly what I was looking for. Through our Careers Day, SCAD allowed me to meet Bud On Creation and find this link.”
In love with the digital world and the endless possibilities it has to offer, Aneeza will be providing our team with creative solutions for upcoming projects that we’re really looking forward to.


SCAD is the only fully accredited art and design university in Hong Kong. This means there is an amazing opportunity to work with talented and uniquely qualified students from diverse backgrounds. Bud On Creation has taken this chance to begin and develop a relationship with the best art school in Hong Kong and we couldn’t be more excited.