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Branding from the ground up!

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Work In Progress

We are ecstatic to announce our latest collaboration with a spankin’ new lifestyle startup brand with a vision thats as large as BUD ON CREATION’s and a company direction that gives back to the community. Our favorite thing about this project is the creative flexibility is put in our hands!

Creating a website takes careful planning and structure to get to a stage that is user friendly and also attractive. Lots of attention is paid to the details and placement of content. We now live in a digital world – bridging your brand’s website with all its social media accounts and tying in visual communication in a user friendly way yet still communicating the brand’s image/ vision is the biggest and most entertaining challenge. Take a glimpse of just a few of the steps involved in getting this brand off the ground…from website design to visual communication – it’s all apart of the branding.

kingdom design process

Marketing collateral to communicate your brand…




Stay tuned for this up and coming brand!!